Case Study: National Trust cotton tie bags

Houghton Mill, now owned by the National Trust, is an 18th century water mill on the River Ouse at Houghton, near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire.

Today, flour is still produced here. It is 100% stoneground wholewheat and is ground from wheat grown at the Trust's Wimpole Home Farm, Cambridgeshire.

The flour is sold to visitors in 500g tie bags, made from bleached cotton, which is ideal for foodstuffs.

The bags, made by Cambridgeshire based Felthams, feature a drawing of the mill and are designed to capture the authenticity of the flour inside as well as the heritage of the mill.

“The bags are very popular. So much so, that some visitors just buy the flour bags empty and use them for other things such as soap or lavender bags.

“They’re a lovely souvenir, especially for overseas visitors who can’t take home foodstuffs. Our shoppers are also selling well and are a really useful and popular gift.”

Sally Newton, property manager, Houghton Mill

National Trust Houghton Mill website