Protective bags and covers

Protective Covers from Felthams

Keep your products safe, clean and scratch-free with a custom-made protective covers made to your unique specification.

Our hard-wearing, protective covers and bags are used by many customers for a variety of different uses. Our protective covers can be padded, waterproof, branded with your logo and made to measure for your specific need.

The Benefits of using a Protective Cover are:

  • Reductions in cardboard, plastic and polythene waste, helping to keep your company more environmentally friendly

  • Optional padding where you need it ensures your goods arrive in perfect condition – bringing lower return rates for your business

  • Reusable protective covers can be used over and over again, another eco friendly advantage

  • Protective covers can be branded with your company name to reinforce your company’s logo and services for every time a cover is seen

  • Covers can be made in any size to fit all of your equipment, whatever shape and size

    Protective Covers are ideal for:

  • Delivery of your products to clients, e.g. Cooker Covers, Fridge Covers, Washing Machine Covers

  • Safely packaging goods that are moved frequently, e.g. Audio Equipment Covers, Display & Exhibition Equipment Covers, Kiosks Covers, Medical Equipment Covers

  • Transporting display items and exhibition items, e.g. TV Covers, Large Screen Equipment Covers, Projector Covers, Audio Equipment Covers

  • Covering household items that are used infrequently or stored in garages or attics, e.g. Pool Table Covers, Washing Machines Covers

  • Protecting outdoor equipment that needs weatherproofing including Playground Equipment Covers, Pallet Covers and Roll Cage Covers

  • Protecting equipment form the elements to prevent damage including waterproofing and protection from fading, eg. Card access Machine Covers, Parking Ticket Machine Covers, Parking Meter Covers, Playground Equipment Covers and Audio Equipment Covers for concerts etc.

  • Enhancing and reinforcing your branding for hired and demo equipment e.g. Arcade Machine Covers, Promotional Equipment Covers

    There are so many more applications where our protective covers are ideal and much of our work is bespoke design and manufacture of covers for a huge variety of uses.

    Our Covers are made here in the UK, at our Cambridgeshire factory a Felthams protective cover will be tailor-made to your needs, style and budget.

    If you have a project and would like our help please do use or contact form and get in touch with us today for FREE advice and a FREE quote.

    Our Protective Covers are bespoke designs and made to order, as such we do have a minimum order value of £500 (excluding VAT and Delivery) on all Protective Covers.

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