Outdoor Equipment

Large equipment that is too big to be moved and stored during adverse weather conditions needs to be protected from the increasingly harsh winds, rain, floods and freezing temperatures.

CPL Felthams make bespoke covers for outdoor equipment to your own size specifications and needs. Our Outdoor Covers are made to the highest quality and as we make them to fit your specific needs you can be sure that they will protect your outdoor equipment.

We make all of our outdoor equipment covers onsite and so have the capability to make your high volume order in quick leads times.

We can add branding, event logos and bespoke messaging to your covers in order to make the most of the space on your cover while it is protecting your outdoor equipment.

If you need covers for equipment in outdoor play areas, restaurant or pub beer garden outdoor furniture, boating equipment or any other outdoor equipment that needs protection please do get in touch and we will give you a quote based on your needs.

Our Outdoor Covers are bespoke designs and made to order, as such we do have a minimum order value of £500 (excluding VAT and Delivery)on all Outdoor Equipment Covers. Please contact us for more details.